Coming eventually…

A tribute to the countless hours fans have dedicated to showing their love for The X-Files TV series and movies.

Apologies for the current state of this site. It wasn’t anywhere near ready to be used at all – I’d set up WordPress with a theme that hasn’t been supported for many many years when I transferred my reseller hosting to a new host, with the view of working on it after I’d uploaded content to another site.  With the current tumblr concerns I’ve opened the foyer early, but nothing else is working at this time, and a change to a theme that will cope better with mobile phones will happen.  Any subdomains added to the site will operate independently of this hub, but can be linked on a page I set up eventually.


x-sites.org is set up to link to and preserve XF fanworks, and that can be extended to the preservation of content that is under threat by tumblr’s recent policy change.

What I can offer:

  • a subdomain, eg myxfsmut.x-sites.org.  I can install wordpress or similar for you to use as you wish.  I’d have no control over content, it’s all yours to play with, or
  • your own webspace.  I have reseller hosting so I can host domains with their own cpanel & full control.  You’d need to get your own domain name, eg myxfsmut.com, and point the nameservers to the ones I provide.  It’s just like any other web hosting you’d buy, except it’s free.

There are limits to what can be posted on sites set up here, for example child pornography, hate speech, and all those other sensible things my host  (TMD Hosting) doesn’t allow.  Otherwise, it just needs to be XF focused, or have a decent percentage of XF material.

If you’re interested, please complete the contact form to apply, or if you just want to ask questions without giving out your email address etc, send a message via i-dont-wanna-wrestle.tumblr.com.

At present the offer is only open for work under threat, such as NSFW fanart or competition/challenge sites who need to keep work together, and who I had planned to reach out to anyway because I love challenge fics and wanted to preserve them in context as they’re scattered on AO3 and tumblr otherwise.

Additionally, if you have a current fanworks site hosted elsewhere on the web and are no longer interested in updating it, I’d love to take care of it for you.  Just let me know the details on the contact form.  Thanks.


I already have more to do than a crazy woman can possibly do in a lifetime, so if you have website experience, or would like to learn, I’m sure I can find something you can do.  Even a working group of interested parties to chat with to determine the best way to tackle the huge task of re-archiving heaps of old works and keeping up with the preservation of any existing work at threat would be a help.  If you’re interested, contact me on tumblr at i-dont-wanna-wrestle.tumblr.com.  Thanks 🙂