X-Sites pays tribute to the countless hours fans have dedicated to showing their love for The X-Files TV series and movies.


x-sites.org is set up to link to and preserve XF fanworks, and that can be extended to the preservation of content that is under threat for various reasons.

What I can offer:

  • a subdomain, eg myxfsmut.x-sites.org.  I can install wordpress or similar for you to use as you wish.  I’d have no control over content, it’s all yours to play with, or
  • your own webspace.  I have reseller hosting so I can host domains with their own cpanel & full control.  You’d need to get your own domain name, eg myxfsmut.com, and point the nameservers to the ones I provide.  It’s just like any other web hosting you’d buy, except it’s free, or
  • if you’re tired of hosting your site and want it to live on, you can hand it over I’ll set it up as an archived version of the site with no further additions/updates and take over maintenance duties.

Note: due to the cost per user for cpanel installations that has now been passed on by my host once a limited number of sites is reached, I may have to pass on a small fee for added cpanel installations. It’s not very much, a dollar or two per month?? I’ll let you know if I’ve reached the limit and need a contribution.  This is only if you want to run your own site from the back end. If you’re happy for me to do the cpanel side and you just want to run your end via ftp or wordpress or whatever, it won’t be needed. 

There are very basic limits to what can be posted on sites set up here, adult material is ok, but things like child pornography, hate speech, and all those other sensible things my host (TMD Hosting) doesn’t allow aren’t permitted. (Not that I’d expect them).  Otherwise, it just needs to be XF focused, or have a decent percentage of XF material.

If you’re interested, please complete the contact form to ask more questions or apply.