XF Resources

Downloadable Files

This is all stuff you can download yourself elsewhere, but I’ve put it in the one place for ease of access.

Gossamer Archive

The Gossamer Archive still offers the entire archive via FTP. After downloading it all and converting it to .txt files, I’ve zipped it back up for you to download,grouped alphabetically by title.  The entire archive is just over 400mb, so I’ve separated it into 8 zip files.

Fanfiction.net archived

The full fanfiction.net archive was saved by unerdguy1138 and uploaded to archive.org. You can download everything as at 2013-14 here. I only downloaded the inventory and the “X” section and have pulled out the x-files fics and bundled them in one zip file.

“I ran a script for about 18 months, 2 chapters per sec, ~15-20k stories per day. 108gb gzip compressed text files. 6.8 million files, a lot of dead links, id# 1-11 million.

In case you were wondering, the oldest story is id # 4, and most of the first million ids are gone. 1-1million, 130k stories remain up.

I figured people put so much work into these stories, someone should save them, so I did.”

X-Files Fonts

This is a collection of X-Files themed fonts zipped together.

Other Goodies

You’ll have to wait and see what other goodies I decide to upload.


External Resources for Fanfic Writers:

Deep Background An impressive resource for XF writers covering all sorts of topics, originally compiled by Pellinor. (wayback)

MABtng’s police & forensics procedure guide A former detective, fanfic author MABtng shares some insider info about police and forensic work in the ’90s. (wayback)

The Routine Autopsy – A Guide for Screenwriters and Novelists The Procedure Related in Narrative Form by Ed Uthman, MD. A bit of an ‘Autopsies for Dummies’ guide – but please don’t try it at home. (wayback)

The X-Files Timeline Finally, a site that’s still alive, last updated in 2020 – an attempt to put the timeline down in some sort of fathomable order.

Episode Transcripts: I had planned to offer this as a bulk download, but realised they’re still online so you can easily find them – they’re still available online at insidethex.co.uk, and they’ve even been updated up to Season 10’s “Babylon”. This is a priceless resource offered by the wonderful insidethex team. You’ll also find transcripts for Lone Gunmen eps & the Simpson’s “Springfield Files” episode.